The Voice of Geres


Torga is the pseudonym of Adolfo Correia da Rocha, a doctor, native of São Martinho de Anta, Vila Real district, Tras-os-Montes (North of Portugal), walked through Geres for more than 50 years.

Torga is one of the most emblematic Portuguese writers, having excelled in several areas such as poetry, novels, drama, short story, travel chronicles and memoirs. He won, also, some national and international awards. His work is so vast it would be exhausting to list it.

His pseudonym is the result of icons of his life: Miguel (Miguel de Cervantes and Miguel de Unamuno) and Torga, that comes from a wild plant, also known as “Heather” – common plant in the National Park that can be easily found in our tours.

To honour his contribution to this region, there are several references to Miguel Torga that obviously we invite you to discover.

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“There are places in the world who are as certain human existence: everything fits together so that nothing may be lacking to their greatness and perfection. This Gerês is one of them..” – Miguel Torga in Daily VII